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What are the metrics for fabrics, and how they affect fabric production and trade, apparel design and production?
Aug 05, 2018

The shrinkage rate is an indicator of the change in fabric size after the fabric is washed and dried, and it is one of the important performance properties of the fabric.

The shrinkage rate has a large impact on the specifications of ready-to-wear or other textile products.

In the process of tailoring the fabric, especially when making two or more fabrics with two layers of fabric joints, the shrinkage rate must be considered to ensure the specifications and wearing requirements of the garment.

The following are the main factors that affect the fabric shrinkage: fiber composition

Natural plant fibers (such as cotton, hemp) and plant regenerated fibers (such as viscose) are easier to compare with synthetic fibers (such as polyester and acrylic)

Moisture absorption and expansion, so the shrinkage rate is large, and wool is easy to felt due to the scale structure of the fiber surface, affecting its dimensional stability.

Fabric structure

In general, the dimensional stability of woven fabrics is better than that of knitted fabrics;

High-density fabrics are dimensionally superior to low-density.

In woven fabrics, generally the plain weave fabric has a shrinkage ratio lower than that of the flannel fabric;

In the knitted fabric, the shrinkage rate of the flat needle tissue is smaller than that of the rib fabric.

Production and processing process Because the fabric is in the process of dyeing, printing and finishing, it is inevitably stretched by the machine, so that tension exists on the fabric.

However, the fabric is easily relieved of tension after it has been exposed to water, so that the fabric is found to shrink after washing.

In the actual process, pre-shrinkage is generally used to solve this problem.

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