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The difference between sofa three defense fabric and 6 defense
May 01, 2018

Three anti-cloth is PVC coated glass fiber cloth. Three anti-cloth is fire-resistant fiber surface coated pvc, ptfe, fire-retardant silicone and other refractory materials, making it a fire waterproof and mildew function, fire-resistant fiber has a fire-retardant effect, pvc, ptfe, silicone has a waterproof effect. Six-proof fabric is a kind of fabric with fireproof, waterproof, moistureproof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof bite, radiation protection and other functions. Six-proof cloth and its products are of high technology, and the reflectance of infrared radiation waves is over 90%. Can be made into a variety of pattern color patterns, but also has no special properties under the flame burning, but also has good thermal insulation, thermal insulation properties.

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