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Select different curtains, cleaning methods are not the same
Jan 10, 2017

1, bamboo and wood products curtain: is the use of the Windows in your home, so we advocate sprayed before you use best release cleaning agents, wax furniture maintenance, every 1-3 months, wipe clean with a dry cloth or hair stroked. Do not use a damp cloth to prevent leaving marks. Wooden shutters need water to clean, use a soft brush and washing agents, Ling may, for example, washing detergent, then rinse with water and clean, wipe dry after, not in the Sun, or simply fade away. 2, and Venetian curtains: usually for shutters cloth of domestic painting or wood quality information in through exposure Hou more simple faded (imports information usually not), but not effect using, usually with cloth or brush sweep, several months Hou can put window cloth picked down with wet cloth wipe, may with in the degrees wash agent, analogy wash spirit may detergent,, added water wipe on can has, completely dry Hou, available release agent on the rope line and the brake bit spray one or two Xia.

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