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Printing fabric
Apr 15, 2018

1. Production process: The printing cloth can be divided into transfer printing, penetrating printing and active printing according to different processes. Home and sofa are basically made of reactive printed fabrics.

2, advantages: bright colors and bright colors. No pilling, no burrs, not easily deformed.

3, cleaning methods: it is best to use cold or warm water washing, should not be soaked with boiling water, washing, should not be stacked too long.

Founded in 2000, Haining Lida Warp Knitting Cloth Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized development, production and trade enterprise of all kinds of knitting & warp knitting fabrics. With more than ten years' hard working, we now have owned complete inspection apparatus and strict management system, and established an integration industrial structure, including a one-package service system from weaving, dyeing, printing, raising and inspection of finished product to the development of new products, and an integrating sales system involving domestic trade and foreign trade.

Our main products and types:

1, fabrics of warp knitting clothing, including: Supersoft Short floss fabric, High-end fashion clothing fabric, High-end business suit fabric, all kinds of pajamas, night-robe fabric, the treatment methods include dyeing, printing, burnt discharge, gilding and so on.

2, sofa fabrics, including: suede nap, Supersoft Short floss, Supersoft striped velvet, Supersoft speckled, the treatment methods include dyeing, printing, burnt discharge, embossing, gilding, flocking and so on.

3, clean type, including: household clean towel, mop fabric, Clean gloves, car super absorbent towel, hotel towel, dry hair towel, the treatment methods include dyeing, printing, anti-fouling antibacterial and so on.

We are equipped with hi-speed warp knitting machines imported from Germany. Due to diversified patterns and advanced technologies and equipment, our products are well sold in USA, EU, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc., and receiving high reputations. At the same time, we lay great stresses on the training, development and introduction of talents, and work hard to build a human-attractive surrounding and incentive mechanism; therefore we enjoy powerful HR supports for the long-term development of our company. Up to now, we have successfully established a professional and skilled technical, sales and managing team.

We have successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality system.

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