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Is polyester fabric easy to pillle?
May 13, 2018

1. Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum as raw material. With the development of manufacturing technology, polyester fiber with a silky feel after alkali processing and weight reduction processing has been developed and produced. Nowadays, mainstream products on the market are used. High-tech technology made of ultra-fine fibers - a new synthetic fiber. It refers to the collective name of fibers made from polyesters produced by condensation polymerization of a variety of glycols and aromatic dicarboxylic acids or their esters. What is polyester fiber? Polyester fiber is also called ice silk in the apparel industry.

2. Theoretically, polyester fiber is derived from polyester. The color is pure white. Polyester fiber has many length specifications. With outstanding strength. The moisture absorption of polyester is very good.

3, polyester is polyester, will play the ball, the characteristics of the fiber itself is determined. Any synthetic fiber fabric cannot guarantee the ball.

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