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How to see the difference between curtain fabric?
Sep 28, 2017

Buy: buy curtains curtains cloth from the fabric, color, flower shape, texture four choices.

1) choose fabric - generally common fabrics are printed cloth, dyed cloth, color weaving, lifting printed cloth four types

A. printing: in plain cloth color, pattern transfer or garden network printing called calico, which features: colorful, rich patterns, dyeing effect with hand-painted like, exposing the natural texture.

B. staining: in white cloth cloth with a single color color called dyeing cloth, its characteristics: simple and elegant, natural and smooth, consistent with trends.

C. color weaving: according to the design needs, the first yarn classification, dyeing, and then woven by weaving and color patterns, known as "color weaving", its characteristics: color fastness, yarn dyed lines bright, three-dimensional feeling strong.

D. Prints: the jacquard and print two processes together, referred to as lifting printed cloth

2) choose color - the color of the temperature, depth, points, the choice of color standards are as follows:

A. color and room decoration color: when comparing fabric, you can take some bits and pieces with you.

B. color and real wood products: fabric color, rich wood products can enhance natural tones.

C. color and emotion: pastel colors, neutral colors and cool colors such as blue, and some green, can play a sedative effect; bright colors and warm colors, such as red and yellow, have a stimulating effect; dark people feel warm and comfortable.

D. colors and senses: the sense of light is the background that darkens the color; the darker background makes the color lighter; the warm colors make the object look smaller. In short, smaller rooms are not available in two distinct colors.

E. color and room orientation: warm color makes the north room feel warm; cool color makes the south room feel cool.

F. color and dirt resistance: light color is more dirty than dark color.

G. color and transparency: light transmittance strong light through the window in the room filled with cloth; dark light transmittance is weak, light effect is good.

H. color and personality: choose colors according to the above principles and personal preferences, and show personal style

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