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How long faded polyester fabric dyes
May 20, 2018

How long does dyeing of polyester fabrics fade? Normally, polyester fabrics are not easy to fade compared to other natural fabrics. They should be dyed with high requirements and need high temperature and high pressure. Originally, coloring is not easy, so once faded, it is not easy.

However, it cannot be said that it must not fade. For example, dark colors (black, navy, red, burgundy) are more likely to fade. This is related to the color. The fabric of this color is easy to fade no matter what the color of the fabric is. However, polyester is relatively less repulsive, and other fabrics such as cotton and silk are retired.

In addition, if the dyeing process is not enough, such as the final holding time, the polyester fabric will fade.

Finally, there is no fabric that will not fade. At most, it is the difference between serious and unimportant points. For example, to do the color fastness test, the highest 5 and only slightly means that it does not fade. Normally, 4 or more are all in line with the requirements can be sold.

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