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How do I tell yarn-dyed knitted fabrics
Jan 10, 2017

When the yarn that is spun into cloth, using previously dyed yarn, rather than woven into white fabric and dye. Yarn-dyed fabrics are often used as shirting fabrics, light textured yarn-dyed fabrics, comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for wear, equipped with coat style with good temperament, high-grade pure cotton fabric of modern life. Main production color weaving color article knitting fabric, including color article cycle Khan cloth (and called "color weaving automatically between plain"), and color article small cycle Khan cloth (and called "color weaving row yarn between plain") and various of plain knitting fabric, including beads to cloth, INTERLOOP, rib cloth, also for production POLO pension of garment factory home supporting provides flat machine, including collar, and cuffs, and hem, and trousers, and trousers, solution has clothes of chromatic aberration problem, for customer provides has great of convenient.

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