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Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features (two)
Jan 01, 2018

Three: pure cotton sofa

The heat resistance and alkali resistance of pure cotton make the sofa in pure cotton fabric are not easily damaged during cleaning or cleaning. The type of cotton fabric sofa ventilation is good, close to the skin and the natural environment, is the market share of the most popular models. Pastoral style is the most used in pure cotton sofa.

Pure cotton sofa features: easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, not wear resistant, cheap, variety, but the elasticity is poor.

Buying Guide: when we buy cotton cloth sofa, first to pull the head, with the fire that can, better quality and no smell of dust. The choice of hand feel is delicate and soft and thick, and the color and color are uniform.

Cleanliness Guide: the cleaning of pure cotton sofa is cleaner than that of linen sofa and blended sofa. Pure cotton sofa can be hand washed or machine washed, but the ironing process after drying is essential. The pure cotton sofa is dusting once in two months under the daily condition.

Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features

Four: flannelette sofa

The price of some expensive velvet fabric, velvet fabric sofa, soft texture, feel smooth and elastic. Like the fur of a small animal, the most profound impression of the flannelette is that it is super delicate and gentle. Flannelette sofa material change is also great, from the corduroy, to the present suede, it is from rough to delicate, experienced a lot of reform.

Flannelette sofa features: a fashion shape, good color effect, dust prevention, antifouling and other advantages, but easy to start the static.

Purchase guide: when choosing the flannelette sofa, we should choose the soft and smooth hand, the color is uniform, the sofa luster is good, the whole sense is strong. The cloth is as close as possible short velvet cloth, the thicker the better. If you buy a cloth sofa with long flannelette type, it can be touched back and forth with hands, with no obvious discoloration and whitening.

Cleaning Guide: usually if stained with water and scrub with clean water; clean the sofa cover, recommend water washing, washing powder should not be put too much.

Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features

Five: with the leather sofa

At present, the market also appeared a seemingly leather, is actually a fabric sofa, such as red leather flannelette cloth sofa sofa, mcgowan. With the leather sofa is one of the most popular sofa in recent years the most popular, now the new combination of cloth sofa fabrics manufactured by the nano materials, more convenient for cleaning. The backrest handrail is easy to be dirty but not easy to unpick and wash places are leather, and other close contact with human and the place is easy to unpick and wash cloth, cloth of the same color.

Features: sofa leather cloth combined combines the advantages of leather and cloth, but with the same grade sofa with high price, good cleaning, high grade.

Selection Guide: production process due to the higher requirements to the sofa cloth, cloth production manufacturers have high technology combined with the level of the sofa, simply choose your favorite style.

High level of nursing: the skin of the environment can be scrubbed without special care, and the parts of the cloth choose the appropriate cleaning scheme according to the different materials.

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