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Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features (1)
Jan 01, 2018

Cloth sofa is one of the most popular sofa in the market, each fabric sofa fabric has its own unique advantages. When we face the choice of choosing cloth sofa, which type of fabric sofa fabric is better in the end?  The next family cloth sofa with everyone to understand the fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features.

Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features

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One: linen sofa

The most powerful function of linen sofa is that it has very good thermal conductivity. The texture of linen sofa is compact and soft, soft and hard, with an ancient natural temperament. In the summer, also do not have to worry about the linen sofa will cause adhesion because of the human body sweating, is a very suitable for spring, summer and winter, a sofa.

The characteristics of the linen sofa: not to start the ball, more wear-resistant, not faded, not easy to fold, will not produce static, even if it is placed in wet places will not be mouldy.

Selection Guide: when buying linen sofa, we should carefully check whether there is a thread or interface on sofa, whether the sofa surface is smooth and smooth, which is an important factor to judge whether a sofa is good or bad. If you want to choose the linen sofa softer, can choose cotton containing high content of cotton sofa.

Cleaning Guide: because there is a gap on the surface of the cloth, it needs to be dusty regularly to remove the dust in the corner of the linen sofa and in the crevice of the fabric. In order to avoid shrinking as much as possible, the sofa sofa is recommended to a special washing shop for dry cleaning.

Fabric sofa fabric classification and fabric features

Two: a blend sofa

The blend cloth sofa is made up of cotton material and chemical fiber material, and the blend cloth sofa can show the visual effect of silk, flannelette and linen. With the rising of difference chemical fiber and mixed fiber and blend, and the improvement of dyeing and finishing technology, the soft feel and high simulation effect of fabric sofa can almost be false.

Blended sofa features: durable, brilliant color, elastic, wash and wear.

Purchase guide: when buying a blend sofa, we should pay attention to the fabric composition of the blend sofa, and the greater the proportion of the cotton, the better. Carefully read the material of the blend sofa.

Cleaning Guide: the blend sofa and the linen sofa are different, the blend sofa can be directly put into the washing machine for water washing. It will not affect the normal use of the sofa and the change of fabric and so on.

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