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Direction of the textile industry in transition, is the green manufacturing
Jan 10, 2017

Relying on the equipment revolution, the multiplier effect of innovative, emission breakthrough in textile industry. For example, the technology of cold pad-batch printing, not only without steam, also without additives such as urea in sizing, which means that there is no ammonia printing and dyeing wastewater emissions. Digital printing, dyeing and printing fabrics like printed documents, printing does not need washing, washing, desizing processes almost zero waste water...... "technological innovation not only improves the production efficiency, reducing environmental pressures. "In the factory in Zhejiang wanshili group, Zhang Zuqin, Deputy Chief, pointing to Italy says digital printing machines, the equipment prices as high as 600,000 euros, but productivity increased by 30 times more than double than in the past, printing and dyeing waste water problem resolved. "Digital printing also belongs to intelligent manufacturing, through automatic coloring, staining, we can accurately reproduce the Fuchun silk scroll, personality patterns can also be printing on silk scarves, handbags, on the bed.

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