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Cut velvet
Apr 15, 2018

1, the production process: Cut velvet is characterized by weaving is a two-story fabric, after weaving is completed with the cutting method from the middle split, resulting in the middle suede. Because the velvet is obtained by cutting the sheet, the velvet itself is not very strong, so there is a special gluing procedure in the finishing to fix the suede. The simplest way to check the quality of the flannel is to rub it gently with your fingers on the back of the flannel.

2. Advantages: Cut piled cashmere evenly, glossiness is good, velvety feels very comfortable, wear-resistant, easy to clean.

3, cleaning methods: Avoid foaming in the water rubbing or scrubbing, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or petrol gently rub on the line, if the flannel is too wet, it should not be forced twisted to avoid fluff off, affecting the appearance. The correct cleaning method should be to use both hands to press water or allow it to dry naturally. When brushing, it should be placed on a flat wooden board or table and brushed along the weave pattern to maintain even color and avoid hairiness on the fabric.

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