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Curtains which features
Jan 10, 2017

From essential differences of view, Hangzhou curtains can be divided into two large categories of functions and additional functions can now segment of Beijing the curtain fully. Basic functions: 1. the protection of privacy for a family, who likes to see his every move in someone else's field of vision. 2. use light privacy principles, or from stop light to deal with. 3. decorative decorative wall curtain for many ordinary families in Beijing, is the largest wall decorations. 4. we know that voice communication component of sound absorption and noise, treble is travels in straight lines, and window glass for high reflectivity is also very high. Additional features: 1, flame retardant. A fire flammability flammability B1 retardant B2 B3 2, heat insulation. 3, single perspective. 4, UV protection. 4, the antimicrobial. 5, waterproof.

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