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China's textile industry accelerated green
Jan 10, 2017

Statistical data show that 41 industrial sectors in China, textile waste water discharge was ranked in the third place, fourth COD emissions and up to 2.37 billion tons of annual emissions equivalent to more than 190 more capacity of the West Lake. How to accelerate the pace of emissions reduction, textiles and livelihood industries are pretty and green? adapting to the new normal, the textile industry towards high level is an inevitable choice. China promulgated by the State Council in May this year 2025 was first brought to full implementation of green manufacturing and strive to build a highly efficient, clean, low-carbon, cycle of green manufacturing system. Six lists of advancing the Green transformation of the traditional manufacturing industries, printing and dyeing industry and Government. Dyeing of textiles "large emissions of" only dye wastewater with average emissions of up to 3 million-4 million cubic metres. If the wastewater is recycled, equivalent to 20% of savings out of the national household average daily domestic water consumption.

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